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I’m a television journalist and storyteller in Portland, Oregon, and cover city government and urban life issues for KATU.

Highlights of my 13 year reporting and anchoring career include uncovering the misuse of taxpayer money leading to the early resignation of an elected official, traveling with Arnold Schwarzenegger during his first campaign for Governor, investigating the Laci Peterson murder and tracking down unique neighbors in my community. Although this news junkie’s palms still sweat with excitement at the hint of breaking news, I also crave intelligent, challenging, compelling content.  While on sabbatical in 2009, I obtained a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism that is specialized in national and international politics.
You can read about the places I’ve worked on my “experience” page.  When not in the newsroom — find me in the kitchen.  Martha-Want-To-Be here bakes cupcakes almost too gorgeous to eat. I also enjoy organic gardening, strolling farmers markets, dragon boat racing, cycling and hiking the Cascades with my husband, dressing up my pug in costumes, scooting around on my vintage Vespa, volunteering with Dress for Success, and occasionally tweeting/blogging about all of the above.
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